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Our General catalogue lists:

  • Small Gift Items - Key Rings,  Tumbly Bugs,  Introduction to Geology Packs; 
  • Fossil Replica Bags, Polybag Packs, filled Bottles and Domes, etc; 
  • Rock Eggs, Spheres, Pyramids, Vases, Obelisks and Paperweights;  Agate Slices; 
  • Tumble-Polished Stones - large range, including Gem Cards and Gem Boxes; 
  • Geodes - amethyst, quartz and agate;  Agate Slabs and Book Ends; 
  • Gem Tree Kits;  Boxes, Bottles, Domes, Stands, etc; 
  • Lapidary Equipment - Tumblers and accessories; 
  • Minerals, Crystals and Fossils - a huge range in labelled display boxes, card trays and bags; 
  • Precious, Semi-Precious and Faceted Gemstones; 
  • Quartz Crystals - very many sizes and qualities;  Amethyst and Citrine Crystals and Beds; 
  • Equipment - hammer, chisels, lenses, acid bottles, gold pans, etc; 
  • Jewellery - a great variety of Pendants, Necklaces and Earrings; 
  • Jewellery Kits, Findings and Cabochons - for jewellery making. 
This catalogue is for everyone other than the specialist geological specimen collector, for whom our education catalogue will probably be more suitable.

You may download our General Catalogue. It is available in MS Word Format.
To download, right-click on the file below and select 'Save Target As'.

General Catalogue.doc - MS Word  340 KB

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