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Our Education catalogue lists:

  • Rocks, Minerals and Fossils, as individual specimens; 
  • Rock, Mineral and Fossil Collections (including collections for Primary Schools and for the Salters' Science courses); 
  • Rocks and Minerals by weight; 
  • Fossil Reproductions;  Crystal Models;  Wallcharts;  Slide Sets; 
  • Lapidary Equipment - Tumblers and accessories; 
  • Geological Equipment - hammers, chisels, lenses, streak plates, clinometers, acid bottles, gold pans, grain size cards, sieves, specimen boxes, specimen trays, etc. 
This catalogue is suitable for Schools, Colleges and Universities, requiring specimens and equipment for courses in Earth Sciences and Geology at Primary, GCSE, A and Degree levels and also for Private Collectors (both beginners and the more advanced).

You may download our Education Catalogue. It is available in MS Word Format.
To download, right-click on the file below and select  'Save Target As'.

Education Catalogue.doc - MS Word 470 KB

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